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INDICATOR  PAPER for express determination of coli bacteria

in washouts from the equipment, in milk and dairy products.


"SYNTELEK" Ltd. develops a modern coliforms express-test: the Indicator Paper for determination of coliforms bacteria in washouts from equipment, in milk, dairy, and other liquid foodstuffs. The Indicator Paper represents a sterile white paper punched strip, impregnated with the special biochemical substrate for detection of activity the coli bacteria, and packed in transparent packages. After incubation during 12-15 hours, at 37 °С, a strip of the Paper moistened in the researched solution, this substrate paints colonies of the coli bacteria in blue color.




The Indicator Paper in  package                        Result of application of the Indicator Paper

Colonies of coli bacteria are visible as blue points.


Usage of the Indicator Paper represents an effective express diagnostic method of quantitative determination of bacterial contaminations, replacing labor-consuming methods of cultivation of colonies of bacteria in Petri cups.

Express method of contaminations diagnostic based on the Indicator Paper in comparison with others method :

-  It is very simple

- Allows reducing the time of the analysis twice

- Does not require additional account materials (an agar, a substratum for the cultivation of bacteria) and sterilizers

- Relieves of the necessity of washing and sterilization of the big number of dirty Petri cups.

- Uses the smaller working areas

The Indicator Paper can be used for the factory control of the technological process of manufacture of milk, dairy, and other liquid foodstuffs, for the sanitary-and-hygienic control of the equipment and the finished goods which is not having normative parameters.

The Indicator Paper satisfies to Regiment of Technical Conditions  N 6-09-1-85.

The way of application of the paper is regulated by the Instruction (see. Appendix).

High quality of the Indicator Paper, manufactured by the "SYNTELEK" Ltd. is confirmed with Protocols of production tests at the largest dairy Russian factories.


INSTRUCTION  On the application of the Indicator paper for determination of coli bacteria

       in washouts from the equipment, in milk and dairy products.


 Washouts from the equipment investigate from the area of 100 sm2 in 10 sm3 of a physiological solution according to the «Instructions under the microbiological control over the enterprises of the dairy industry».

Laboratory tests of milk investigate directly (without dissolution) and after preliminary dissolution in a physiological solution according to recommendations of the «Methods of microbiological research…».

Tests of sour-milk products and investigate oils only after dissolution as the acid and fat change the amounts of coli bacteria on the Indicator paper


1.   Before the use of the Indicator paper take a package with a strip of the paper and cut one of two long seams of the package. Take out the strip of the paper for the punched end. For this purpose, it is recommended to use sterilized in the flame of a torch and tweezers. Scissors before they use also need to be sterilized in a flame.


2.  Moisten the strip of the Indicator paper in a researched test of milk, washout from the equipment or cultivation of milk and dairy products by unitary immersing which 2-3 seconds last. Surplus of moisture delete by a touch of the end of a strip to a wall of a vessel. One strip absorbs about 0.5 sm3 of a liquid. This number should be used in calculations of the contents of coli bacteria in tests.


3. Then the strip of the Indicator paper again place in the package, thus the punched end of a strip can be removed. After that, it is necessary to smooth easily the package with the strip that the film of the package from both sides densely adjoined to the moistened strip, and all air would be removed from the package.


4. Clamp the cut package between two metal plates and solder in a flame of a torch. Place the package with the Indicator paper in a thermostat with temperature 37±1 °С during  10-14 hours. The indicator paper in thermostat should be in a horizontal position that there was no outflow of a liquid from a strip.


5. After the incubation without opening a package make the calculation of color points (spots) on a strip of the Indicator paper.


The contents of coli bacteria laboratory tests of milk and dairy products (in 1 sm3 or in 1 g) determine the multiplication of quantity of the counted up spots to corresponding dissolutions and doubling of the received result. At the definition of coli bacteria in washouts from the equipment, volume 10 sm3, the number of spots multiply on 20 and receive a semi-quantity estimation of the contents of coli bacteria on a researched surface of the equipment.


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